Watch out for New Zealander Courtney Sina Meredith and her compatriots, who were out in force at the festival. Who knows, they may one day return as part of the Booker Dozen. –The Guardian

This book (Tail of the Taniwha), marvelous and memorable, affected me as both a writer and a person. It offers me points of self-recognition. With this book, Meredith joins our very best writers. –Sunday Star Times 

Her latest publication Tail of the Taniwha… extends some of the personal and social themes she dealt with in her first book but this new collection takes a wider scope, gets more personal and is ingenious in its experimentation.’ –NBR

‘Courtney Sina Meredith’s poetry sparkles with an eloquence and creativity that is both impressive and unique.’ –BBC

‘Central to Meredith’s play, Rushing Dolls, is her vision of Urbanesia: cosmopolitan Pasifika worldwide. In her character Cleopatra’s words: “My unique Pacific perspective, it’s intrinsic to who I am, which is ambitious, educated, deftly passionate, urbanesian, a new breed.’ –Metro

‘Meredith’s time at the University of Iowa was a wonderful success. Her deep engagement with world Polynesian writing and her exciting genre-bending work enriched both our Fall Residency and our understanding.’ –IWP University of Iowa

Courtney Sina Meredith is driven, ambitious, articulate and on a mission. E-Tangata

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Courtney,
    As I was driving this morning I listened to your interview with Katherine Ryan, one word ‘fantastic’. What a wonderful interview and what a very clever girl you are, so proud that you are a kiwi. I am about to listen to the interview again as I reached my meeting before the end so I need to hear the finish. The only complaint I have is that your voice was so rich and velvety that I nearly drifted off to sleep, I could have run off the road!!! Not that you were in the least bit boring just a very warm and soothing voice. I went to buy Tail of the Taniwha but my local bookshop did not have it in but they are now going to order some copies. I told them they must listen to your interview. I have also suggested to my 13 year old grand-daughter to listen to it and to make you a person to study, follow and learn from.
    Thank you again Courtney

    1. Sue, there aren’t enough words to thank you enough for this super special message – I’m so touched, and incredibly grateful to you for taking the time to get in touch and for also getting my book into your local! Have a fantastic weekend and please let me know your thoughts on the book once you do read it. All my thanks 🙂 C

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