Niu Berliner

Water into leather

peach yoghurt

tiles aquatic

Tiergarten buffalo

wild boar; blue bird

dinosaur wall (brick).

I walk the city

in impractical sandals

scale golden angelus

behold wordless

dripping acorns.

Alligator child

your mother is a crocodile

she lives in the canal

out every peach lit morning

her gold teeth flecking

please, please help me.

Madonna on a seated throne

painted in Berlin 1827

the day when I am in

a glass case

or lying eyes

closed in marble

the right hand

of bread, of milk


earthen forgiveness.

A hymn in praise

of dying a hero’s death

for the light of evening

in every painting;


in every mountain;


spires of cream

the urgent sea


Saint Catherine.

She was borne to heaven by angels

afloat above the sea

reminiscent of Andromeda

in circular marble.

Alive, estranged

the bodily canal

advances merchant

butter creatures

they turn they let

the warm air storm.

Joseph from the old testament

an apparent married robber

‘the dull gaze he fixes on the floor’

and the one, asleep on his knees

like the old dame with kuri eyes

praying from her window in the east.

‘A slave merchant’s yard’

my sandals are dusty

from the Tiergarten playground

full of sound.

In full view

Monet, Renoir

Gauguin, Manet

young Cezanne –

with his great belief in harmony

distinguishing the va.

I am the space

I am the gathering speed!

Engraving intentions

the abyss, the wounded fortune

blood dripped tribute

father down to son

girl to likened

hand paddling maiden.

I do not see the pegasus

I see a code of numbers

the spying sprite

the human being

eliciting escape.

They turn they let

the warm air storm.


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