Bros & Lego


You can make anything out of it. It’s really about using my imagination. I’ve got a building, and four lego cars, and a lego boat with a shark. And I even made my own street it’s called Lime St.

My dad he had lego, well, a big as train set and some of it’s gone to my cousins. I’ve also got a fireman set. I decided to make a two storey building. Actually first it was a petrol station on one floor. Until I decided, maybe we could go to two floors? Then I decided, oh no I’ve only got one door! That’s when I got the idea to actually make a sliding door.


I’m into ninjas and troopers. What like, say like, once my cousin got it (a ninja) I got so into Ninjago and I wanted one so, I guess I just had to get one for Christmas. I also like zombies. I just keep chatting about ninjas.

On the weekend I usually just get up and play with it, but in the week I just usually come back home and play with it. Or sometimes I’m a little bit naughty and I play with the lego before school, and be a little bit naughty that way.


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