artist in exile

Eyeliner and lipstick. I’m sensitive, blue, crimson, pink. I DON’T WEAR RED. That shit’s a bit serious. – Danielle Meredith

My world is music, art, all sorts of different people. When I’m getting changed, relaxing, I listen to Blu & Exile. On the weekend? My main spot is Rakinos with Coco – because it’s an older crowd and they have GOOD music. I don’t like being anywhere where there’s more than one 18 year old. On Saturday, I ended up at Kings Arms. It was better than going to The Game. I got a new love for red heads (Electric Wire Hustle, holla…) I like patterns, anything with an intricate design, if it’s plain it has to have an out of it structure. Colour, vintage, understated bling. I never buy anything new, except for shoes. Right now I’m repping Fuzzy Vibes K Road, and for shoes – get on the internet.

I think I’ve become the canvas, because my job, well it’s a 9-5. 

Anything that I can do with my hands, the computer, it’s all natural. It’s just who I am. I’m not so big on literature and all that, but visually I think I’ve got something. I want to morph my artwork with design and painting into fashion – design my own prints, get them altered into clothes. It’s a hard industry to get into it. There’s a lot of pacific women in that fight already. I reckon, because it’s in my blood, everything I create belongs to my culture in its own way you know. In saying that, I don’t want to be catergorised. My art has it’s own place in the world.

Last year I was in New York. It was surreal. I felt like I was part of a painting, everyone was trendy, busy, they seemed to know their purpose. 

At heart, my art honours the people I love. I can only paint what I know. If you get some joy out of it, even a little bit, that’s a bonus. When I paint someone close to me, I know that painting will never mean the same thing to someone else as it does to me. It makes it really hard to sell my stuff – without feeling like I’m selling my great grandma or my brothers! It’s not about producing loads of work and I still don’t know about this 9-5 world. I guess you just got to know that it’s up to you, and find a way to spread your wings.

Artwork by the wonderful Danielle Meredith ❤


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