Pele’s City of Space

This is a drink fountain in space, if anyone gets thirsty it’s right near the playground in space. Once you get there you’re going to need some sort of space suit to jump you across, so I’ll just put a jumping thing here so you can jump over.

Invisible people will probably go on this playground. Maybe blonde people even, you just never know. You can go on this playground upside down without falling out. Anyway, that’s just a cool thing. I’m about to make a gigantic slide that wiggles.

I’ll call this shop. You can get anything you want, there’ll be nothing there that you hate. I mean like, there might be stuff that you hate – but it will have every food in the world! So you can get what you really love. Astronauts have been to space, I think it’s because they’ve done some kind of special training.

This is the skate park of golden. The skate park of lightening. There’s a corner over here you have to try and jump over. It’s only for expert pro skaters.


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