the neighbours are losers

The neighbours are losers
I saw one with a towel on her head like a turban
stroking a plastic chair outside.
Their line is dotted with mock knits and faux-vintage
they call that kind of shit ‘urban selection’
it’s supposed to be affordable chic. Yeah.

The neighbours need to watch a webinar
on how to make love with humans and not
weapons of domestic convention I swear she
has one hand down his pants and one in the blender.

I don’t like their friends. They live all mixed up.
Treating shadows as truth they lean
into everything, corners, our building
they lean into oncoming traffic it’s probably
something to do with believing their shadows are real
and their flesh is shady emptiness.

I hate their attempts at pop politics
‘what kind of beer are you?’ and
‘go on Michael show us your third nipple!’
last week they spent an hour saying bags not
when the jug boiled.


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