Other Worlds: Cecilia Vakameilalo-Kioa

Tantalising Tiramisu is my favourite dessert. I first tasted it about ten years ago in Sydney’s Little Italy. My sister, who has lived in Italy, took me to this plaza of all things Italian. It is a large courtyard surrounded by restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, gelato stalls – and here, is where I experienced tiramisu. It is an Italian dessert with coffee and liquor-soaked layers of sponge cake alternating with mascarpone cheese and chocolate. Yum!! My sister say’s it can take up to two days to make, so that the sponge is completely saturated with flavour. It is to die for!

I still remember the balmy summer night we were there, the crazy delight I felt when I tasted my first spoonful, and the warm conversation with my sister. I often wonder if the context of this evening made my tiramisu experience more memorable, since I have never tasted another one like it.
Come to think of it, this particular sister of mine took me to an Asian food court in Melbourne, when I visited her there, and introduced me to the Chinese dessert, sweet red bean bun! Yum!! Another sweet memory I often savour.

By Cecilia Vakameilalo-Kioa








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