New nah? New year ;)

It’s great to have started 2015 with a bang! After a huge December that involved receiving an arts grant from CNZ to write my next book (of short stories) Tail of the Taniwha (yay yippee yay) followed by a trip to Rarotonga to spend time with family, and then the usual eating-your-body-weight-in-xmas-ham shenanigans: I was looking forward to a fresh new year, full of empty days!

This week I’ve had the honour of being a guest for the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, I was able to brunch with these incredible young women and to also run a writing workshop with them – with the greatest hero of our nation  Willie Apiata in the mix: Nation’s best inspire teens (NZ Herald)

I have a few things on the horizon that I’m especially looking forward to, Silo Theatre’s Working Titles 2015 first and foremost, what an outstanding opportunity to work with passionate people, dedicated to creating innovative environments of connection.

One day you look at your life, and all of the suffering and confusion that you imagined to be lulls between living, suddenly strike out as the bridges that delivered you to somewhere unimaginably beautiful. May we all find the smooth side of whatever life throws at us in 2015 ❤

With the amazing girls on the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme 2015




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