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Profiling Goodness Gracious Cafe for Neighbourhood

It’s been another great week, a lot of writing and the usual associated trauma (does this make sense? is there time to ‘switch codes’ to something more lucrative that’s kinder on the stomach?) On Friday I had the pleasure of hosting ‘Neighbourhood’ for Eden Terrace, it’s a TVNZ series that profiles different communities and the different cultures that exist therein. It was special being able to share some of the things I love best about my hood, like Basque Park, Goodness Gracious Cafe, my publisher Beatnik,  Split/ Fountain, and of course – my home that I share with my family on Symonds St. Even my grandpa was in the mix! The crew filmed him serving up his famous oka – my favourite food in all the world. My lovely (surly) brothers were up at the crack of dawn to shoot some neat soccer shots of the three of us, and I was really stoked to connect with Julia Espinoza, a visionary hair and makeup artist who felt like an instant bff! Watch this space, as she may have convinced me to start running 😉

I want to thank the team at Satellite media, and apologise to anyone who had to walk around me on their way down Symonds St, or listen to me raving at the top of my lungs while trying to eat breakfast. I’m sorry we had to turn off the music at the cafe for filming and hey, thanks to the old codgers at the Kings Arms for the toothless grins and cricket banter – you’re all good sorts.

With Julia
With Julia at Basque Park super early!
Litte bros waiting to be filmed ;)
Litte bros waiting to be filmed 😉
Grandpa and mum with his world famous oka on display!
Grandpa and mum with his world famous oka!

I went to Piha last weekend and totally missed the shenanigans of Laneway, I was at home showing my age (and probably my bank account ha!) celebrating my dad’s birthday with a giant chocolate cake, he was in heaven – it was still warm when we dug in, fresh from the oven thanks mum:


As January draws to a close, with it goes the justified romanticism of every and any new year. The reality of hard work and the relentless advance towards achievement continues. I remember having dinner last year with a very good, and very successful friend. He’s quite a bit older than me and always makes a point of acknowledging life experience as one of the greatest tools any of us can possess. I have a small amount of the stuff, and looking back now, I realise that I thought I was weak at the time – going through trials of confusion, pain, loss and grief. Vulnerability is a kind of mist, and when you feel completely overpowered and hopeless, something else is happening inside you – the clearing away of things and people that no longer serve the purpose of your one, precious life. When the mist clears, and it always does in one way or another, you look out from a great peak: your own, truly beautiful self.



One thought on “Writing/ thinking/ filming

  1. Love this, January signals endless possibilities, you spend the entire month giddy with anticipation. Thanks Courtney

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