Workshop this week with Youth Performance Trust 8 – 10 April 2015


Hey friends and fambamily, I’m giving a FREE poetry and performance workshop in Otara this week (MIT) for youth aged 16 – 24, as part of the Youth Arts Space initiative with support from the Ministry of Health’s Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme Pacific Community Innovation Fund to improve awareness and help to reduce rheumatic fever.

A huggee shout out to the TYLA Youth Development Trust crew for making my last workshop the best one yet – giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet some of the most promising young women in this country! I’m pretty sure most spaces are taken for this week’s shenanigans, but if you’re keen to spend a few days doing AWESOME stuff across dance/ visual arts/ wordy stuff with me and general awesomeness, then PM me or email your name and contact details to

A big thanks to Aaron Taouma and the team at Youth Performance Trust for making these workshops possible, chur!

x o x o x o



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