Silo Working Titles 2015

Malo universe! Today I embarked upon a brand new journey for Rushing Dolls with the beautiful souls from Silo Theatre for Working Titles 2015, the uber talented Rachel House and new kids on the block Gaby Solomona and Trinity Po-Eparaima – who I have to pay exceptional respect to – for giving the work a good dose of love!

with Trin and Gabz

Everyone contributed something new and interesting to my understanding of the script, and for me (so far) the real gift has been the objectivity gained through watching Rachel being ‘thorough’ (she said the most kick ass thing to me on the phone the other night – that as she’s gotten older she’s gotten more thorough – amene to that!) and through hearing how Gaby and Trin experience the characters from the inside looking out.

I’ve done some serious living since writing Rushing Dolls, and thank God I just went for it when the spirit moved me – I had no idea at the time what great challenges lay ahead, love and loss in equal painful measures. They say tortured artists make great work but I love the sunshine I feel in this play, rich with crashing and unrelenting verse soldered together by incredibly idealistic prose that you can only commit into print when you really are that optimistic about the world and everything feels within reach. I still feel that way about most things, my politics haven’t swung drastically to the right ha – but I also have a new clarity that the things we create are not finite. All parts are part of a swooning mercurial whole that cannot be articulated, measured, refined or taken into your arms.




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