Outspoken: The Wireless

So a lucky little girl was invited to speak her truths for The Wireless with their exciting new series – Outspoken. In the lead up I really wasn’t sure what I was going to speak about, I had a few ideas bubbling away and made a bunch of nerdy notes (of course). As the shoot got closer I decided to take a different approach and instead of focusing on what to ‘say’ to explore where the sayingness (totally made up that word lols) comes from. Part of where it comes from is from my childhood, so I wanted to talk about how I used to feel about who I might become one day. Part of it is in the present tense, and I’m not very good like most artists at really dissecting challenges, and I probably owe some of that to living in a kind of contemporary denial that my achievements will give me enough armour to protect my gooey centre. At the core, I’m more of a cream egg than a warrior princess. Or maybe that’s part of the conversation about being a warrior that makes strength based outlooks so darned unrealistic. We’re all cream egg and Terminator, fluffy ducklings and Tomb Raider, peaceful but psychotic hypocrites double crossing ourselves. It was really liberating to take some time to step out of the everyday to not be in character. To not be striving, strategising, creating or regrouping. To have an absolute and clear runway between my thoughts and the heavens, or whatever is lurking up above, maybe a land of giants whose dirty bath water explains storms. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to do this, I hope it contributes towards a more outspoken society where we talk about real things, in real time, seeking out real outcomes.


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