CreativeMornings Akl



“Communities are built on common ground and sustained by human connection. That connection is driven by communication, and communication is achieved with language. Yet our CreativeMornings community shares many more languages than the 40+ we speak. There are so many languages of CreativeMornings: generosity, love, hugs, high-fives, passion, excitement, creativity — the list goes on. Really, language boils down to expression. And isn’t that what creativity is really about? Our first speaker for 2016 is well versed in the language of creativity. Courtney Sina Meredith is a poet, playwright, fiction writer and musician.”

Join us on Friday 29 January at LOT23, for breakfast and inspiration from Courtney. Registrations open on Monday 25th January from 11am.

Fun times! I’m so excited to be the first batter up for CreativeMornings Akl, come along if you can it should be a fun morning with some awesome people ❤

REGISTER HERE: CreativeMorningsAkl


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